About Emma

Who God Has Sculpted Me To Be

As a young child, I was a dreamer. As a teenager, I have remained a dreamer. I am Emma Kathleen, a 15-year-old author, songwriter, political and social activist, public speaker, mental health advocate, relentless lover, hope ambassador, and most importantly a redeemed child of God. Growing up in a Christian home gave me the foundation I needed to really root myself in Christ my entire life, and as I began high school I truly grabbed on to Jesus, and made my relationship with Christ my own. I have a love for poetry, worship music, good food, and the people around me. As a Christian, my mission is simply to love as I was first loved, and coming out into the light after years of struggles with my worth has opened up so many doors for me. Above all my scatter-brained thoughts I am simply a daughter of the King, who wants to see people living loved.