A Word About Love

In recent days, and weeks. I have felt my faith under attack. Mainly by those, I call friends. People have been shoving me into a stereotype of a hater, and a monster. They have told me “my people” are evil, and should not be allowed. I have been told all Christians are bringers of hate. As a Christian, that hits hard. Please know my faith is the most important thing to me. It really shapes all of who I am. The way I act, and dress. The way I talk. My gender, and who I chose to date. I don’t say this to seem as if I am a slave to my “religion” in fact I am not religious. Nor am I a member of a cult. I was not born into my faith. It was a choice I made, and I continually make. When I call myself a Christian I do so with boldness. I do so in the confidence that the Bible is the truth, and that is why I know full well I am loved. Being a Christian does not mean I am religious. My whole life is not devoted to forcing my faith down the throats of others. Although I share myself, I never intend to be pushy, and manipulative,I am not a Christian because I am perfect, in fact, I am incredibly flawed, perhaps flawed more than most. Being a Christian doesn’t mean perfection. It means forgiveness, redemption, and deliverance. It means I am called to love because I was first loved by Jesus, who died to overcome death. Who died so I may live.

So this I want to make clear. This I believe is what sets apart the Christians I know, from those who live in religion. God hates no one. In fact, God loves everyone, despite what you may read. Despite the pictures of the protest, and twisted signage that you may see. Despite how others who identify themselves as Christian may conduct themselves, My God loves all. I am not a Christian who runs away from big social debates, instead, I am one who runs towards them in love. For my God loves, and I love the same. So here is my heart. Here is what I know to be true. This is the God I serve. This is Christianity I live, and I love. The type of Christianity where I do not succumb to social pressure, where I do not partake in Religion, Where I will not always be accepted by the common population, I know I must fight for what I believe, but above all my God loves all, and so do I.

God loves the LGBTQ community

God loves the Porn Addict

He loves the drug addict

He loves the drug dealer

God loves those who don’t love themselves

He loves those who live on the streets in poverty

He loves women who have chosen to abort babies

He loves women who were bullied into aborting babies

He loves the atheist

God loves the alcoholic

He loves those drowning in pain and self-hate

The parents who struggle to parent

The single moms

The single dads

The kids who are broken lost and confused

God loves them all

God loves those who struggle with mental illness

He loves those who have made poor decisions in the past

He also loves those who will in the future

God loves the grieving

He loves those of all faiths

He loves those of all races

He loves the First Nations People

He loves the Black people

The white people

And everyone in between

Those who are Muslim

Those who are Jewish

He loves them all

He loves both men and women

He doesn’t care about the colour of your hair, eyes, or skin

God loves those of all sizes

He loves those who self-harm

He loves those who have tried to take their own life

He loves those who live in shame and guilt

He loves the women who have been sold into the sex trade

He loves those who live with the spirit of suicide upon them

He loves those who face eating disorders

He loves those who love him

He loves those that don’t

He loves all

He loves me at my best, and at my most broken

He loves you where you were, where you are, and where you will be

So do I