to the one struggling,

To the one struggling, Aren’t we all. Yes, it’s true everyone is struggling with something, it may be small, but it also may be a monster that just won’t go away and is affecting everything, or just somewhere in between, but yes. We all struggle with something, and your pain is so so valid. Know that eventually this storm is going to pass over. Know that this moment of testing is making you stronger, more resilient. Remember that today is not forever and take a breath. Your struggles are valid. Whether you broke a nail, or are living daily with mental health issues. Your struggles are so so valid, because you have worth. You have so much value. Even the fact that your organs work means you are worth millions of dollars. I totally understand that today everything may feel raw. I know what it feels like to cry until everything feels numb, because I’ve been there. I am still there sometimes, but also remember to count your blessings, as even when everything seems against you, there is still beauty in you and around you. I so wish I could give you the best advice you need. I constantly pray for the best words to touch the pain each of you is feeling, as I know full well the storms you face are strong, but I also know you are stronger. Even in the darkest night, and the worst pain. Even when defeat seems imminent. You are stronger still. The Canadians still won the Battle of Sommes in WWI after over 55,000 soldiers died on the first day alone. Things may look bleak, but know victory is come. It breaks my heart that you are struggling, whether I’ve never met you, or I call you my best friend, it hurts that you are hurting, but please know you are not struggling alone. Know that hope is real, if it wasn’t no one would be here. Hope keeps the world turning. Hope keeps people alive. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and if not tomorrow than the next day. Hope is the anchor, and Hope is the sails. Please my loves don’t give up. I know you are struggling. If I’m being honest I am battling too. I am struggling hugely. We all are struggling, so don’t give in. Don’t give up. Remember you are loved. You are so so so loved, and through the trials still so so worthy of life. I am so so glad you are here with the potential to change the world. So remember that some days all you need to do is hold on. Remember crying is okay, and know that this time and pressure is making you beautiful, To the one struggling, I am too. We all are. Your pain is valid. But the storm is passing over. e