I Wanna Go Back

My mind keeps going back to this day. It was mid-August I was eating lunch with some of my favourite people, and this amazing woman (International Chef/ Model). As I sat there my mind was everywhere. I was dreaming, I was nearly weeping. I had come from an intense last 24 hours. We had talked about Abortion Bullying, Fiscal Debt, Freedom of Religion and what made my heart burn most the First Nations Youth suicide crisis. . I had been invited to get on a plane in less than 3 weeks with people who were practically strangers and to go to Saskatoon to be an ambassador for life and hope, but that's not what I remember most about this moment. . What I remember most about this afternoon was the simple childlike faith that I witnessed as in unison dancing at our cafe table we were singing the lyrics “ I wanna go back to Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. I wanna go back to this little light gonna let it shine.” The two-year-old with us at the moment was dancing on the table, and I was singing probably louder than anyone else, and people were looking but in that moment I did not care. . I was 2 hours from my hometown, and no one there knew me. I could shamelessly be myself, in childlike faith and glorify my King in public. . Last night I was up at 2 am for probably the 7th night in a row, and all I could seem to muster out of my soul was the same lyrics I quoted above. I want to go back to Jesus loves me this I know….I wanna go back to this little light gonna let it shine. . I realized that those lyrics need to become my cry. I have found as a Christian I have complicated my relationship with Christ. I’ve created my own blockers that are hindering me from fully knowing Christ, and I have had the epiphany that living my Christian life with a forced complexity will just lead to a life of regret. . I believe that all of us need to come back to the childlike faith every now and again. Just to go back to the songs that as a Christian I was raised on. Personally, I just need to remember that Jesus loves me, I need to remember to simply let my light shine. No complexity. Just simple faith, hope, and love. Perhaps you need to do the same too. .