"My God My God Why Have You Forsaken Me"

I believe one of the most poignant parts of scripture is when Jesus is dying on the cross and cries out “Eli Eli lama sabachthani?" My God, My God why have You forsaken me. (Matthew 27:46). You see it evokes such emotion as the man who was perfect, who came to earth to live perfectly, to love perfectly and to die the perfect death to save us all doubted God at moments. The Man who took on himself the iniquities and sins of us all questioned his creator, and father.

This particular piece of scripture has taught me many things and I would like to elaborate on a few of them.

  1. Doubting God is not a sin.

The most perfect of all the universe doubted, and questioned God. When Jesus on the cried out God why have you forsaken me, it spoke more than those words. It showed the common sinner that it was okay to question God, that it’s okay when His will even though perfect doesn’t seem to make sense.

2) Surrender changes everything.

After these words, Jesus cried out once more very quickly afterwards and at that point as he surrendered himself his life ended. He died the most painful death that ended with a moan and a cry, but if the Lord has taught me anything it is moans and cries can still say hallelujah (it's been hanging on my wall for weeks). When Jesus lifted up a cry of surrender the suffering was taken off of him. That doesn’t mean in all cases surrendering will end the struggle, but it certainly changed everything.

3) God leaves room for questioning.

If God didn’t want us to question his will the road would be easy, everything would make sense, but when human nature walked along and sin entered the picture confusion and pain did too, but God in his perfect grace left room to question. He left room to feel pain and to let the wounds bleed a little bit, but he also knows the exact way to fix each pain, and knows that each plan is for His glory.

4) It is okay to feel forsaken for a time.

This is quite similar to what I said in the first point, but I felt so compelled to reiterate it. God is the one who sends us into seasons we don’t feel prepared for blind and He fully knows when we will question Him and feel as if He isn’t there and/or doesn’t care but in those moments He is also working in you the most and that questioning will bare great fruit.

I remember hearing a song- writer who I have great respect for share that his biggest hit was written after He questioned God about a situation. As he continued on in his sermon he said that God is creating things from the questioning.

5) God's name is above any other.

Jesus easily could have cried- earth why have you forsaken me, or Eve why did you eat the fruit, but instead he cried to God because Jesus knew God was the only one who really had the authority to change things, He knew God had placed Him in that situation, even though mans sinful nature made sin reality, but in this moment Jesus knew God had all the power so cried out to him instead of anyone else.

I don’t know what this season looks like for you- it may just feel like God has forsaken you, but let me assure you He has a purpose for what you’re walking through and there is hope at the end of it all. I’m learning that one the hard way too.

Endless Love