Dear You,

Dear you,

The you that feels worthless.

The you who has cried yourself to sleep far more than you care to admit.

The you who fights daily and still feels like they are in the deepest part of the woods.

The you who tries with everything to love themselves, but still feels sub-par.

The you who is in the midst of circumstances that feel yucky

The you who is spiralling.

The you who took that one negative comment to heart and now is entangled in a web of lies.

This one's for you, wherever in the journey or the battle you may be.

I know that you may not feel the strongest today, and that’s okay. Maybe one step forward always seems to be met with leaps and bounds backwards- that's okay too. It's so wonderful to live in a society where its okay not to be okay, but what breaks my heart is that we’ve normalized living a life filled with hurt and pain, so here I am just as broken as you are, perhaps the battles in front of me are very similar to your own, to tell you that at the end of it all you will be okay.

I am sure by now you are sick of hearing this, or maybe no one has said it to you yet, you are loved! But maybe this issue sinks a bit deeper than that. Maybe those three simple words don’t speak directly into the pain your heart is feeling enough to remedy the heart ache, so let me share with you some things that i am believing to be true in this battle.

  • Your circumstances have NO right to control your worth!

Circumstances are dirty, the situations in your life sometimes feel as if they are built up for the lone purpose of breaking you down but the more I’ve lived on this planet the more I’ve realized this is not true. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, maybe you and I don’t see eye to eye on this principal, but nevertheless once you take a step back and take a different viewpoint you will discover that it is quite foolish to think that the issues in your world have any authority to make you feel less than you are and what you are is exactly what you need to be full of worth and calling.

  • Words will be words, but they are not out to get you.

Words will scar it's a fact of life, when someone calls you annoying or ugly it will sting, so what’s the point of adding fuel to the fire by speaking the same negativity over your own life? That's not my point here though- you see although words hurt they are a great gift to the world, there is no other way that the most complex morsels of human life could be expressed without the gift of words. I will say this again it is all a matter of perspective, when you see words as the gift they were intended to be you will realize that all the games this world has made out of them should mean nothing.

  • You will be okay.

This may be the hardest pill to swallow, but don’t worry I’m not here to tell you to suck it up and shut your mouth about what is destroying you piece by piece but it's never not turned out alright before, right? It may take time. I guess it truly is all about perspective and once more I will say it. When you look at the circumstances you are in the midst of in a different light they are a remarkable opportunity for growth, but it is still okay to feel. In fact if you weren’t feeling I would be more concerned. You are a fighter, you are so strong and this will end-just hold on.

Maybe things won't be magically fixed when you wake up in the morning, they actually likely won’t be, but even still this is for you. Grab on to these words and hold on to each one tightly until they become true. You will flourish again, so chin up my darling. I will say it one more time through all this muck ,You are Loved.