Happy Election Day

Canada is at a crossroads- and everyone is feeling it. There seems to be this urgency in the air to vote that I’ve never really seen before. Maybe it’s the rise of social media,or maybe everyone has the same butterflies in their stomach that I have about the next years of Canada. People are so on fire to vote that advance polling was up 29% this year from 2015 (Elections Canada).

Whether you voted in advance, are voting today or aren’t yet eligible to vote I want to share a bit of my heart.

  • Tomorrow is important too.

Tonight as the results roll in from this election Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat will be lighting up with both support and anger- but I don’t really like that. Most candidates have social media- and although they likely won’t be reading every comment about their win or loss. Our words can still be hurtful. As we post about our thoughts on the new (or returning) leader of the nation, or your local Member elected please be gentle. You can speak your opinions but this is the person who is in power for the next four years. No matter who is elected try to have even a bit of faith in their skills. Obviously a lot of Canada did if their in power. As we enter into tomorrow don’t make fun of our Prime Minister he or she is just as human as you are, and has real feelings. If I was in their shoes I would scared out of my mind taking over a nation at such a critical and controversial time. In terms of local candidates these people have put their hearts and lives on the line for their ridings. They have given up so much in the last few months. Please be kind to them, chances are you still will be living, working and playing alongside them if they don’t win- and will be representing you if they do. Whether you know them well or not they deserve all your blessings and kind words, especially if you have a loud or respected voice in your community.

  • Be Respectful of Political Kids today

I posted this PSA on my Facebook this morning.

“Please don’t make fun of the kids who spend today over the moon excited. For me this is like a Super Bowl that only comes around every 4 years and the stakes are much higher. For some kids the loud excitement you see may be their anxiety for the next 4 years, or their crankiness today may be because they simply wish they can vote- and yes I’m speaking about more than just me here. I know young people across the nation who feel the same today. Political kids are just as cool as any other kids. (I know because I am one 💕)”

It’s only 9 o clock and I’ve already been teased for my passion. I expected it but for kids unequipped with coping strategies and lacking the ability to communicate effectively this day can be hard (For instance many young people who sit on the autism spectrum are so passionate about things that it’s all they want to research, fixate on etc. For those kids a day like today can be overwhelming because all of the media is screaming election and their peers probably don’t share or understand their passion)

Let these special humans do their thing today. Ask them your questions they may have the answer and would be more than excited to share.

  • VOTE

I can’t make this one more clear. I would give anything to vote ( I genuinely would give my kidney or something if it mean I could… I thought about this a lot when I couldn’t sleep last night). People gave their lives for you to be a part of a democracy. You have a voice but there's many people around the world who don’t have that privilege.

When you vote look at those who can’t. Whether you believe human life begins at conception or birth ( I am not here to debate this today) vote like you live a voiceless life. Those of us who are under 18 may be able to talk and persuade all we want but at the end of the day we don’t get to put an x on a ballot like you may be able to do.

Think of the Indigenous people, the ones who should have been running Canada from 1867 who didn’t get to vote without giving up their Indigenous status until 1960. Not even 60 years ago. Or women who’ve only gained the right in the last 100 years.

For many people a vote that should be a right for years was a privilege. Across the world, so many countries don’t have the blessing of democracy, you as a Canadian do. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.


  • I’m on Team Canada and I hope you will join the team.

Whoever wins this election has a big job. They have to run the second largest nation (geographically) in the world. Today I root for Canada, I want nothing other than what’s best for this nation. It is very clear that every single candidate loves Canada, it’s simply how they show it that makes them different. Personally I have opinions, I will support candidates exclusively because that’s what you have to do today to have any worldly sphere of influence, but at the end of the day this shouldn’t be about politics, platforms, parties or disagreements. Today is for the history books of Canada to be forever changed and I’m just along for the ride.